TwinHead is a two person (art) group composed of T(J and )H(annah).

TwinHead has no practice, no CV and no real training in art.

We have no interest in working as artists in any capacity and we consider our art to be attempts at self-care.

We also do not engage in art uncritically.

Email us for any reason at


You are on our "artist's website". As far as we can tell, the function of an artist's website is typically to act as a CV or some form of promotional material for the artist. The artist's website always seems to be a way to document *work* without showing the full thing. We have been confused about how our website will fit in the world and what purpose it will have. Since we have no interest in working professionally as artists, we thought - as a start - it might be nice to call our work "art things."* Things because of the total generality of the term and because it is just a very good word**. As for the form of the website, we have been unsure about how our site could look like to reflect this. On one hand, we have absolutely no interest in any sort of CV that would represent the things we create as something that will serve as an effective CV (however, this might be inescapable). On the other hand, without an internet presence there is absolutely no space for our things and no audience to receive them. We are also formally limited by the fact that we have very little knowledge or talent in web design and very little interest in spending too much time on the structure of the website. So for now, we will half-occupy the form of the CV artist's website. Instead of thinking about this site as a list of "our work," think of this site as a bunch of things that we made. Things for you to engage with and experience and send us critical e-mails about. There will also be instances where we will only provide the documentation of the thing and not the thing itself. We're not sure if that makes this website function too much like a CV, but fuck it. Thank you for your time and enjoy, or don't enjoy, our bad art things.

*[And don't think that we believe in some kind of innocent position that we are taking. We have decided to trade one type of labor and existence within capitalism for another. The situation is literally just that we have very little interest in participating in the art world et al in the modes that would require us to produce a CV.

** It is a very good word because I like to believe that it captures the feeling that we do not know what the hell we are doing.